The Curriculum

The Leaders MBA is a 6 to 9 months full-degree program which features several key components – Essential Courses, Leadership Growth, Bonus Specializations and Networking Events. There’s no other Entrepreneurial & Executive MBA out there that mixes most up-to-date knowledge, Middle East connections and cost-efficiency

At the end of TLB MBA you will be able to:

Venture and be able to escalate your entrepreneurial project

Develop effective communication and problem solving skills

Enhance your network connections and resist under pressure

Plan and conduct strategic research through analysis data

Best practice leadership for today’s business world

MBA Program Outline

Our list of curated modules will enable you to create innovative business models, understand target groups and learn about the latest up-to date industry methodologies. You will develop a strategic thinking, prototype and product market fit, master digital marketing tools, explore big data and blockchain, navigate through today’s different business models and much more. We made our mission to search and provide you with the region’s top professionals and innovators of the current transforming business ecosystem, so you can boost your business profile or bring your next startup into life

M1. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Introduction, Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Fund Access

M2. Communication Skills & The Pitch

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication, Body Language, Netiquette, Public Speaking, The Pitch

M3. Digital Transformation & Exponential Technologies

DT Overview, DT Strategies, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 5G, IoT, Fintech, Cryptocurrency

M4. Digital Marketing

Overview, KPIs, DM Strategy, Channels, Buyers Journey, Funnels, Growth Hacking, Analytics

M5. Benchmark of Excellence

Masterclasses: Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Negotiation, Soft-Skills, Human Capital

M6. Finance & Accounting

Fundamentals, Cash Flow, Performance Analysis, Investment Plan, Accounting, Fundraising

M7. Leading People & Organizations

Self-Management, Person-Organization Fit, Motivation, Leadership, Corporate Governance

The Leaders MBA vs Traditional MBAs

The Leaders
Admissions Calendar
Networking Events
Community and Q&A Forums
Seminars with Teachers
Webinars throughout Program
Masterclass with TLB Leaders
Advance at Your Own Pace
Access from Any Digital Device
Middle East Business Expertise
One-Time Tuition Fee: 495 USD

TLB’s MBA Certification

Impulse your career with TLB’s MBA Certification; Inspired in the blockchain technology, The Leaders Bootcamp provides you with a Validated and Recognized MBA Diploma

  • Stand outside the Crowd and set your Competitors aside
  • Attract Recruiters by sharing your certification on LinkedIn
  • Start your Own Company with the utmost Success rate
  • Endorsed by the region’s best business Leaders
  • Trusted by Companies from the Forbes Top 100 Middle East
  • Embrace the Digital Transformation and its flexibility
  • Disrupt the Traditional Academic ecosystem and reach further
  • Enhance your Knowledge, Network & Competences

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1-On-1: Christina Chehade

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The Teacher’s Corner: Hasan Youness

The Teacher’s Corner: Hasan Youness

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