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This MBA Is For You

If you want to grow your leadership...

You will absorb the latest strategic thinking and acquire a 360º management vision: clarity of purpose, resilience, integrity, decision making and empathy

If you would like to start a business...

You will receive the necessary tools and insights from the region’s leaders to turn your skills into a successful entrepreneurship

If you wish to find a new job or develop your career in a different field...

You will learn which are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) HR teams are currently looking for and build-up a strong business knowledge and personal brand

If you don’t have experience and you are chasing your first job...

You will be empowered to thrive and ultimately lead in today’s transforming business ecosystem, so you can be the next Jeff Bezos of the Middle East

If you are looking for a future-focused conversion for your team...

You will get transformative solutions to get your company up-and-ready towards the digital revolution and maximize the efficiency of your staff and organization

Ready to take up the MBA challenge? Take the leap and become the newest TLB Achiever in terms of entrepreneurship, career advancement and professional transformation. Forget about the super-expensive programs that don’t assure internships and disrupt your entourage with the program everybody is talking about!!

TLB’s Value Proposition

If you have recognized yourself in any of the previous scenarios, then you are definitely in the right place:

We take your goals as a journey, not as a destination. This means we will prepare you to sustain adequate professional habits and stimulate your continual improvement, despite your specific objectives. We want you to benefit from our main value proposition: world-class business knowledge, local/regional contacts and an improved curriculum vitae

You will be delivered a one-of-a-kind business program where real impact, valuable insights, practical study cases and regional expertise get together to guarantee you a holistic approach to business and entrepreneurship. You deserve to have it all: a cutting-edge 360º MBA that doesn’t compromise work, personal life and economy

You will be exposed to an exclusive networking atmosphere, where you can develop synergies, exchange points of view, find clients, providers or even a new venture partner. An online MBA cannot reach the excellence without the connections. And that’s what The Leaders MBA is all about

All in all, we will widen your circle of influence and boost your professional growth. As our motto says, TLB is here to democratize the access to business school and revolt against the old rules. Millennials and Generation z are the true catalysts of change, our duty is to provide them with accessible and affordable learning to pass on the baton to them

Numbers Don’t Lie


Almost 40% of surveyed
students received a promotion
while earning their online MBA


More than 60% of potential online MBA candidates stated that they wanted work & study at the same time


94% of surveyed students said they would pursue their online MBA degree knowing what they know after finished


More than 50% of startups adopt a digital transformation strategy, compared to traditional companies


77% of US corporations use online learning to train their staff, 98% plan to incorporate it by 2020


42% of companies say that e-learning led to increase revenue, while it takes 40-60% less employee time

495 USD

Get Your Online MBA Now! 

I’d like to welcome you to The Leaders MBA, a comprehensive program of classes, workshops and interviews that will support your entrepreneurial activities, from fundraising to take your product to the market, growth-hacking, etc.

Fawzi Rahal

Managing Director Flat6Labs Beirut

What’s Included In The MBA?

1. Full Program

150+ video-classes, supporting content, discussion forums, exercises & unit exams

2. Online Support

Our team is ready to help you whenever needed in your personal MBA journey

3. 1 Year Unlimited Access

You will have full-platform access during one year, private social media & job listings

4. Webinars Throughout Program

Learn through others and exchange your thoughts with the TLB community

5. TLB Networking Events

Stay tuned for the next city gathering where our MBA achievers learn and have fun

6. Access From Any Digital Device

TLB’s platform is responsive and adapted to all digital formats, so learning never stops

7. 50+ Masterclasses With Leaders

TLB has brought together the most exclusive line-up of business leaders & entrepreneurs

8. Middle East Business Expertise

We provide you with the most updated regional expertise, contacts and CV profile

9. Innovative MBA Diploma

The region’s business leaders & corporations are trusting TLB’s online MBA degree

Bonus Courses

But that’s not all, we have additional content for you to grant even more value to the program. Upskill yourself, be the next successful leader of the 21st Century 20s

Copywriting Essentials

The best tips you can follow in order to increase conversion in your website and be more engaging in your Social Media accounts

25 USD

Public Speaking

The to-do list you have to reproduce to make the best impact in your presentations, job interviews, conferences, thesis and much more

25 USD

Personal Branding

The superb set of rules, does and dont’s, techniques and strategies to promote yourself for a total success

25 USD

Position Your Business in Google

The basic guide to index your wbsite in Google and maximize results in your SEO strategy

25 USD

Create a Social Media Program and Schedule Content

Learn the steps you must take in order to implement a solid Social Media strategy and content scheduling

25 USD

So, what’s the price of the MBA

The Leaders MBA Full Program


5 Bonus Courses


Special Launching Price



As part of our launching offer, you will be paying only a one-time 495 USD tuition fee and get full access to all of the above mentioned features


What is The Leaders MBA?
We are the most up-to-date and disruptive MBA program specifically created for the Middle East region. We believe we live in an era where education should be democratized more than ever to unlock the region’s business community full potential. Our certified degree is reinventing the academic world
If I join and I am not fully satisfied with The Leaders MBA, will I get a refund?
We are 99,9% sure that you will enjoy our MBA and, most importantly, that you will benefit from its in-depth business program supported by the expertise and cases of success from the region’s industry leaders. That goes without mentioning the access to the exclusive TLB community that’s currently reshaping the business and entrepreneurship networking ecosystem, plus many other perks.

However, coming back to your question: Yes, we will fully refund you during the first seven (7) days of subscription. No questions asked. Not one at all. You have our full guarantee

After enrolling, will I be able to start immediately with the MBA program?
Yes, you will be able to start learning with the first modules of the program. However, the complete MBA will be unlocked together with the rest of the monthly MBA class admissions. We are all about building today’s think-alike business community and as such you will have your fellow edition colleagues with whom you will be able to discuss, share perspectives, engage for a wider impact learning and ultimately progress together to reach your TLB achiever destination
When will the first TLB class admissions happen?
The Leaders MBA first class edition will be launched on 10 January 2021. Following our first selected admissions, there will be new student class batches every month
How can I apply for The Leaders MBA Program?
It’s a simple and straightforward process that starts by filling out the registration details and processing the one-time payment in the platform. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with a link and credentials for you to access your personal TLB dashboard area with several features activated, including the first studying modules
Do you require any academic background to course the MBA?
Our TLB exclusive MBA program is carefully designed so it can be followed by anyone who has a strong entrepreneurial vocation or a will to advance in their professional business careers. Our only requirement is that our students are 21+ years, so they can follow the explained concepts and maximize the benefits of our program
Is the The Leaders MBA an accredited program?
Fortunately, it’s not. At The Leaders Bootcamp we are very keen in continuously updating our educational modules, units and lessons to offer our TLB students a 360º program that is efficient, captivating and ahead of the educational curve. We don’t believe anymore in rigid schemes that provide outdated content. We are disruptive to the bone, building our syllabus from scratch and that’s what the community is valuing the most
How come is it so highly estimated by leading companies?
Enterprises across the region spend huge amounts of money in dedicated workshops for their employees, but these courses are either very specific, expensive or normally both. The Leaders Bootcamp emerged in the right place and right moment to provide a holistic and cross-functional program that updates knowledge and capabilities of company workers, while enhancing productivity and corporate identity
Why choose TLB MBA Vs. other traditional schools?
Don’t get us wrong, we will start by saying there’s a few great accredited MBA programs in Lebanon and the Middle East – not to mention the rest of the world. However, these programs are only restricted to the very minor elite and suppose an astronomical investment, plus an inflexible calendar of attendance
Why does The Leaders MBA has such an accessible price?
The Leaders Bootcamp is challenging the status quo by offering a new model that offers the most-up-to date and digital-savvy MBA by switching from few to many, and from expensive to cost-efficient with a high-value return. That’s why we are very proud of saying that we are democratizing the business education in the Middle East
Can I follow the MBA’s modules, units and lessons in any order?
No, it’s not possible. The Leaders Bootcamp program was designed to provide a tailor-made educational route for the best learning experience and concept retention. Only as our students progress in their studies – and after passing the corresponding evaluation tests, assignments and collaborative workshops, they will be able to advance to further modules and areas of knowledge. We are firmly committed to make every single enrolled student an MBA graduate or how we like to call our fellow peers, ‘TLB Achievers’
Will I get an MBA certification after completing the program?
Yes, once you finalize the 150+ program lessons and pass all the exams, assignments and collaborative workshops; you will get your TLB Achiever diploma with a unique blockchain-alike validation code that you can upload to your LinkedIn profile to enhance your professional outline and resumé
How long will it take to complete the MBA program?
As you will be able to advance at your own pace, the completion period can vary from one student to another. However, progressing at a reasonable rhythm, it should take between 6-9 months. Validated by the microlearning concept, we strongly advise our students to take one lesson per day to consolidate the new concepts learnt, work on personal diagrams and outlines and exchange points of view with fellow colleagues or professors
How long will I be able to access the The Leaders MBA program?
All students have a full-year access to the program in order to complete their MBA and obtain their Achiever certification. We do understand that depending on the circumstances this completion might take a little more time and we are very proud that our MBA is very flexible and adaptive for today’s speedy life.

Nevertheless, in our thriving commitment to provide world-class education, we also know that open deadlines can incur in loss of motivation and appetite for success. If you would need to buy a program extension, that may be arranged by getting in touch with the sales department in you user area

What are the learning materials provided in the The Leaders MBA?
Besides the 150+ microlearning video units with our TLB professors and Leaders masterclasses (with an average duration of 10-15 minutes each), we also provide with written materials, infographics, study cases, discussion forums, evaluation assessments, private social channels, webinars, networking events and more
What’s the price of the The Leaders MBA?

The one-time tuition fee is 495 USD and has a validity of 12 months. No small writing, no cheeky extra charges nor additional paid subscriptions for webinars, networking events, job listings, etc.

We are also accepting cash on delivery, where you will receive the The Leaders MBA Welcome Kit and 12 months one-user validity code

What payment method can I use to enroll in The Leaders MBA?
TLB accepts several payment methods, including Cash on Delivery and the commonly accepted credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay. For further enquiries, kindly contact
Can I access The Leaders MBA through any platform?
Yes, you can easily access the MBA through your computer, tablet or smartphone

Any Questions?

    TLB’s Satisfaction Guarantee

    At TLB we are very proud of offering an avant-garde MBA that is disrupting the industry, but also a complete satisfaction guarantee to our students.

    We are convinced that The Leaders MBA will strongly boost your professional career, networking connections and entrepreneurship capabilities.

    However, in the improbable case that you find The Leaders MBA not up to your expectations, we will give you a full refund during the first 7 days without any further questions. Not even one.

    That’s our promise to you.