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About Us

Whether you are currently employed and want to escalate your leadership and executive profile, you are looking to start a business or update your capabilities with a cutting-edge 360º program without compromising work, personal life and/or economy – TLB’s MBA is just for you.
The Leaders Bootcamp is defying the traditional business education system by providing a pragmatic approach and holistic tailored content that enables our students to unlock their corporate, entrepreneurial and management potential.

TLB is the platform where you can find real-life experience and exclusive learnings from leaders  that took the leap and put their ideas into practice. TLB will get you from where you are now to the next level. We will provide you with efficient business tools, organizational mechanisms, up-to-date indexes and the push, knowledge and motivation to just start.

Our Method

The Leaders Bootcamp MBA is an online compact MBA where you will gain the most up-to-date essentials of the top global business and entrepreneurship schools

Solid course framework
Intuitive digital interface
Cost-efficient tuition scheme

Our innovative approach provides you with a disruptive MBA certification that is challenging the existing academic ecosystem, backed by the region’s business and entrepreneurial elite and recognized by leading companies.

TLB is democratizing the access to advanced degrees for students all across the Middle East, by offering its Master of Business Administration (MBA) at a low price for everyone, instead of an expensive MBA for the few.


6 to 9 months MBA program: Dedicating 15 minutes
per day.

Microlearning model:
Better retention, flexibility and efficiency

Complete access to materials:
Powerpoints, forums, debates, webinars, exercises, etc.

Log in through any platform:
 Computer, tablet or smartphone

You will learn from local startups and
established enterprises

A Message from the CEO

The journey of The Leaders Bootcamp started a few years ago as a result of the team’s frustrations of not being able to access a solid MBA in a timely/efficient manner and within a budget. We demanded a 360º MBA to update ourselves in the evolving business landscape, but that could fit in in our personal and professional lives. And, if possible, our pockets. We couldn’t find the product we were searching for. It was either elite in-person 2-year MBAs that cost a fortune and didn’t properly embrace the digital transformation or outdated, theoretical and inefficient business programs that were not useful, expensive for the value in return and not oriented to the business ecosystem in the Middle East and beyond.

We understood there was a market need, so we started searching for the highest-standard talent to develop a top business educational platform that would address the industry needs from the region’s fresh graduates, young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Many months after, here we are, with the most up-to-date and disruptive MBA program specifically created for the Middle East, in an era where post-graduate education should be democratized more than ever and taking full advantage of the digital consumer habits of Millennials and Generation Z.

We hope you truly enjoy the program and become a TLB Achiever, a member of the fastest-growing MBA community in the Arab world.

Juan M. S. Clark, CEO

TLB’s Manifesto

The Leaders Bootcamp was established with a clear mission: revolt against the business schools’ elite programs and democratize the MBA access to the wider community of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Traditional MBAs don’t own first-class business knowledge

Actually, it’s quite the other way around. It’s disruptive MBAs – such as The Leaders Bootcamp, which bring together the industry leaders and doers who have the real grasp on the current industry trends.

Expensive doesn’t mean 'better'

Don’t get us wrong, there are elite MBAs out there that are worth the investment – for those with the time/money. But we think you can get there without reevaluating your life-savings while embracing the possibilities of digital transformation.

21st Century learning is proactive, streamlined and digital-savvy

This statement should be a mantra for everyone in the educational world. Unfortunately, it’s not. TLB is stepping in to take the lead and create the region’s widest community of think-alike business minds.

'Levelling-up', the unmissable trend in the business ecosystem

Competition is ferocious. Everyone wants to be the new Elon Musk, Ronaldo Mouchawar or Eddy Maroun. Are we learning from what others did before and in the Middle East region? TLB is the one-stop-shop MBA to the region’s movers and shakers.

Networking & Community build-up as a ‘way of life’

Best way to put talents and capabilities into action is by networking around the clock.  We are firm believers in connecting today’s doers with tomorrow’s achievers and in shaping new spaces of business creation, discussion and collaboration. 

We believe we can ‘Have It All’

We don’t want to give up one dream for another. We want to learn without having to give away the time spent with our family and loved ones, time for hobbies and other personal projects. Continuing education should be fitted in our daily life and become part of our routine and habits.

TLB’s Networking

Our networking platform is the best place to widen your circle of influence and grow

Are you looking for a business expansive think-alike community where you can develop synergies, exchange points of view, find new clients, providers or even your new venture partner in MENA?

At TLB we consider networking essential for a holistic approach to business. This is why part of our mission is to connect the regional leaders together with the entrepreneurs of today 

By joining our MBA, you will have access to an exclusive community platform of investors, services providers, job listings, discussion forums, roundtables, workshops, seminars and webinars

Finally, our seasonal TLB alumni gatherings will enable you to connect and develop new business relations or lifelong new friends/colleagues in different cities across the region and beyond

Join The Leaders MBA

Learn Directly from MENA’s Top Entrepreneurs

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to know the different components of the business ecosystem… economical, socio-cultural, technological, environmental and legal. These variables are found in the one-and-only platform: The Leaders MBA.

Hasan Youness

Professor, Blogger & Strategic Advisor UNGCN Lebanon