A specialist in international business management, educational administration, and educational leadership, Dr. Hasan Youness is our instructor on TLB MBA Module 2: Communication Skills & The Pitch. He also features on special lessons throughout the program, dealing with Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership.

Having acquired his degrees from Notre Dame University, KEDGE Business School and Saint Louis University respectively, Dr. Youness went on to pursue an executive CSR program at Harvard Business School Executive Education. He started teaching at the university level at the age of 23 and has been lecturing at five superior institutions since then.

In addition, he is also a news anchor, TV presenter, researcher, author, mentor, and trainer on a wide array of management, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, CSR, and communication topics in Lebanon and abroad. In addition, Hasan has been a Tedx speaker and guest on top TV channels in the Arab world. Despite having worked with leading companies, Youness has ventured beyond the business sector, and has worked with UNIDO and UNRWA, in addition to other NGOs.

Over time, he participated in multiple national and international conferences, workshops, and competitions, and was awarded several prestigious awards for representing Lebanon on several occasions, including best Lebanese English language Lebanese public speaker in 2005. Hasan is also the cofounder and managing partner of Insights’ for Consultancy S.A.R.L and EON Training and Development center S.A.R.L. Hasan is the author of #TrendsOfBusiness and the Strategic Advisor of Global Compact Network Lebanon.           

“Content is King, but delivery is Queen.”

“What we sell to our target audience is confidence.”

“We have the power to live in a physiology of excellence.”

“A few years ago, 80% of our communication was physical and 20% was virtual. Now the rules have changed and the numbers have turned the other way around.”    

“If you encounter an ethical dilemma on cyberspace, consult the code you follow in real life.”

“Everyone of us has a persona, a brand equity and a brand image. This has to be consistent online and offline.”

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