When Samer Tutunji founded Eshmoon Organics boutique in Bauchrieh in 2013, he was driven by a philosophy which he hoped to share with his potential clients, forging a community. It was an experiment which this chemist undertake with intuitive faith.

On this 1-on-1, the Founder & CEO shares with TLB some of the recipes for his success, such as intuitive decision-making, recruiting a team with complementary skills, qualities and abilities, and finding a balance between soft and hard management. Most importantly, he encourages us to find a strong mission and vision that is connected to our value system, in order to keep us advancing and exploring through the challenging path of entrepreneurship.

Digital Marketing

I view digital marketing from a strategic point of view; I consider it an important tool. However, it needs to be accompanied by market presence. We are communicating the philosophy. This is the subtle link that we have with our customers. We are not just reaching to their pockets. People connect with us in a more subtle level…


Some decisions start intuitively. You don’t have proof that they will work, but you’ll have to follow your heart and take this risk and jump into it, and then you will realize why you did it. This is mostly emotional intelligence and intuitive skills.

What do you look for when you hire people?

I regard Eshmoon as an organism. It is a team that has different qualities. If the entrepreneur has some qualities but is missing other ones, he can hire skills and energies that can complement and push forward the purpose, vision and goals of the organism.

Advice for managing employees

Managing people is also quite a challenge, because every environment has different people with different psychologies and different motivating factors and aspirations. I give the example that I am a high voltage pole and I’m dealing with low voltage tools, and when this high voltage is put into these tools they burn. So, they need a transformer.

Mission and vision

For someone who manages to go through the hardships of establishing a company and to have the resilience for that, they need to have a very strong and firm mission and vision. It doesn’t need to be related directly to being lucrative, because at certain times money won’t be flowing, or it will take time until it bears fruit. Find your motive and drive by connecting to something that has a very strong mission and vision that is linked to your value system. This is an essential element to keep you going towards your final goal.

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