Rudy Shoushany is the founder, host and moderator of Crypto Talks & DX Talks. Among other things, he is a member of the Forbes Technology council. A Stamford University alumnus, his specialties are DX strategy, Fintech, CyberSecurity and ICT Governance, and Blockchain. Over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology Field applied to the financial sector give him the ability to aid and advise organizations. He is an active speaker, board member, coach and mentor for startups, and has been lately selected among the top 50 Global Thought leaders and Influencers.

Rudy is the instructor on Module 5: Digital Transformation & Exponential Technologies, and has also been a special guest at our webinar “Disrupting NFT”.

Digital Transformation is disrupting the way we do business and our work at the core. It’s about bringing that something new to the table.”

“The most important thing today is data. IoT is able to bridge the gap and bring us the data to the physical world.”

“Big data, or this new ‘lake of data’, is the new digital oil, and the new war is happening there.”

“Every device we know today is actually collecting data. This information is used to streamline, manipulate and measure the way you interact with the world. From online habits to your physical day-to-day, every single thing you know or do is being monitored, or will be.”

“Data Science was called by Harvard ‘the sexiest profession of the 21st Century’. It is the presentation layer of data. Without it, Artificial Intelligence cannot exist.”

“The Fintech business is in the middle of a perfect storm. Financial industries cannot continue with the same business models.”

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